COSTA RICA 2019 November 14-22


Interested in photographing some of the most beautiful birds in the he world, troops of monkeys swinging from canopies, and the easy taking sloth ? how about macro shoots with wild reptiles, amphibians, and insects? topped off with the worlds lushest jungles, sunniest beaches, and memorizing waterfalls?

costa rica 2019 is your answer.

Join me and award winning wildlife photographer Harry Collins at ( for our 2019 Costa Rica wildlife adventure on November 14-22 2019. We will be hosted by Crocodile Bay Resorts which is guaranteed to provide you with world class food and luxurious service with the most hospitable staff. After a long day of shutter clicking you can rest by the pool, book a session at the spa, book non-photographic adventures (like zip-lining, fishing, etc.., or walk the grounds where plenty of wild animals like sloths and macaws roams. We took special effort to make this the ultimate worry free experience as we believe that the only matter you should be focusing on is clicking away at the world renowned wildlife in Costa Rica.


Tailored Made for Photographers!

During the day we will roam into the jungles for shoots on our 4X4 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans and cruise along snake like channels on roomy pontoon boats with Harry and I as your photo instructors and our finest local guides both extremely knowledgeable and bilingual. Our mission is for you to take your time and get your shot!

This will all take place during 7 full days onsite with 2 travel days getting to our resort. The season at this time transitions from the rainy season to the dry season, giving us the best of both worlds for photos, which is slight overcast, rain, and sun.


Day 1 - Nov. 14th

Welcome to San Jose, Costa Rica! Our friendly land operator will take you by the hand at the gate of SJO and shuttle you to your first night at the DoubleTree by Hilton Cariari Hotel in San Jose. Remember to relax and rest as a connector plane will await to take you to “Crocodile Bay Resort” on the Osa Peninsula, home of the most biodiversity on earth!

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Day 2 - Nov. 15th

After your morning flight to the Crocodile Bay private airstrip, you will be transported to our resort grounds where you can unload your luggage after a swift check in. A friendly introduction will be made at the conference center to get everyone well acquainted followed by a wildlife tour on the grounds of the resort, lunch, and our first wildlife outing where we will possibly see birds, monkeys, and sloths.


Day 3 - Nov. 16th

Macro photography galore! We will start the morning with wild frogs, lizards, snakes, butterflies, and any jungle critters our local specialist can find. Red Eye Tree frogs are almost guaranteed. Lunch will be held after our macro jungle shoot followed by class time and a guided walk in resort grounds for birds, sloths, and insects.


Day 4 - Nov. 17th

Prepare for a full day off the resort in our 4x4s traversing through the jungle and creeks. Possible animals encounters include all 4 species of Costa Rican monkeys, birds of prey (caracaras, hawks, owls), macaws, tiger herons, and many much more. Lunch, snacks, water, beer will be provided in the van.


Day 5 - Nov. 18th

Photograph off a pontoon boat to get a different perspective of the local wildlife. Possible animals include birds, monkeys, lizards, crocodiles, and bats. Lunch will be had shortly after our excursion along with one on one time with Harry and I.


Day 6 - Nov. 19th

It’s easy to get addicted to photographing exotic frogs and this time we will find them at another location with another local specialist. The animals are always different so prepared to be excited! We will incorporate more backgrounds for our macro photos compared to our previous macro day. Lunch will be followed along with a chocolate tour at the Finca Kobo Chocolate Farm.


Day 7 - Nov. 20th

Sleep in or kick back by the pool because we’re saving our energy for a ride to a beautiful beach for sunset! Wildlife and landscape photo opportunities will be abundant including a hike to a waterfall. Those who want to opt out on the waterfall can relax a some more by the beach.


Day 8 - Nov. 21st

Enjoy a beautiful boat ride across the gulf and take advantage of this rare opportunity to see and interact with some of the local rainforest creatures in the Osa Santuary. The sanctuary rehabilitates injured or illegally captured animals while providing a permanent home for those too debilitated for the wild. Your visit to this sanctuary helps to directly fund this noble effort.


Day 8 - Night Tour*

If weather permits we will embark on a hike in the night jungle, paced slowly with sharp inspecting eyes. A fresh-water lagoon near the resort yields treasures like red-eyed tree frogs, exotic insects, night birds, caimans, snakes, and other reptiles. Along with a knowledgeable guide, we provide flashlights, and you will learn how to use flash, and other night photo related equipment.


Day 9 - Nov. 22nd

Departure is in the morning to San Jose, where you will connect with your flight back home.

What to Bring

  • Camera Gear

  • Laptop and Backup Hard drive

  • Articles of Clothing

  • Travel Essentials

A detailed list will be provided to ensure proper preparedness throughout our adventure.

A personal guide on Costa Rica will also be provided for a proper introduction for your stay in this beautiful country.



What is provided

Payment includes

  • Airport shutter transfers

  • Internal flights from San Jose to Crocodile Bay and vice versa

  • Daily ground transportation on wildlife outings

  • Boat transportation

  • Local specialist guides

  • Photo seminars and sessions

  • All meals at the resort and on packaged lunches on our outings.

  • Snacks, bottled water, and beer. Yes beer is included!

  • Harry Collins and I as your personal professional photography instructors!

*Costs exclude

  • Transportation to San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Additional baggage fees on connecting flights

  • Meals not provided by the resort

  • Tips

  • Incidental expenses.


Potential sightings include:

  • Squirrel Monkey, Spider Monkey, Howler Monkey, Capuchin (white faced) Monkey

  • Scarlet Macaws

  • Sloths

  • Toucans

  • Red-eyed tree frogs (and several other species of snakes)

  • Snakes (some of which are venomous)

  • Woodpeckers, tanagers and other small birds at the feeders

  • Iguanas and many other lizards

  • Crocodiles

  • Hummingbirds

  • Several types of hawks and falcons

  • Herons and Egrets

  • and much more!



  • Double Occupancy - $4,870

  • Single Occupancy  - $5,670

  • A “non photographer” option is also available at a discounted price. Our resort offers short walks to both the local town and beach along with multiple cultural and adventure based activities. Please inquire for more information.

Please feel free to submit any questions you may have about this trip.

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