Photography 101

Whether you’re just dabbling your feet in the world of photography or need a refresher course, I’m here to explain the basic workings of capturing light through our magic boxes. In this course, I will emphasize the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and more importantly how to adjust them to control for what kind of photograph you’re creating. I will also touch on “zooms vs primes, camera bodies types, lens types, understanding focal length, distortions and much more. We will wrap up the course by studying photos and understanding the settings that were used to create it.

Duration: 3+ Hours

Price: $70 per Hour

getting the shot - Wildlife and Landscape

Getting the shot requires a plethora of techniques, strategies, and research. I’m here to teach you the direction of what and how to practice for those once in a lifetime moments you just cannot afford to miss (pun intended).

Duration: 3+ Hours

Price: $70 per Hour

storytelling through imagery

Look beyond the subject to create a more compelling image about the subject. I will teach how composition can drastically change the mood of an image, how the depth of field can be used to guide the viewers eye in exploring layers of a photo, how the balance of background and foreground can both make and break a perfectly composed subject, and much more. We will also explore theory and other works of art to help expand your creativity and photographic potential to ultimately create more powerful photos.

Duration: 4+ Hours

Price: $80 per Hour

Post Production

This would be a 2 part course.

Day 1: Culling, importing images, presets, global adjustments, and adjustment techniques.

Day 2:

Duration: 3+ Hours per Session

Price: $60 per Hour



Wildlife photography

Discover the wild side of photography through the stories and imageries of wildlife across the world. Techniques and compositions will be discussed as we analyze animal photos in an effort to understand the lengths that a wildlife photographer goes through to obtain certain images.

Duration : 45 minutes with 15 minutes of Q&A

Price : Negotiable


Travel photography

One of the most asked questions in photography is “what’s in your bag”. Understand that this question pertains to where you are and where you’re going. Learn what makes a “perfect kit” for travel as we discuss everything from how to travel with camera gear (roadtrips, international flights, developing countries) to ways of photographing what you’re traveling for.

Duration : 45 minutes with 15 minutes of Q&A

Price : Negotiable