in New York City, when Sean started honing his talents in many mediums of art as early as age 6. He acted in commercials and was starred on Nickelodeon and The David Letterman show at age 7, performed a piano solo at New York's Carnegie Hall at age 8, sold his first oil painting at age 10, and started writing his own piano music at age 14. It wasn’t until age 22 when he discovered his fascination for photography.


It occurred to him that photographs have a power to create stories. It can be the bridge between the natural world and our inquisitive minds. The ability to use visual story telling is power to engage the curious,  passionate, and adventurous minds. He is currently a in-house photographer shooting for the National Aquarium. 


His works have been published on various publications such as Nat Geo, Discovery Channel, and other conservation networks associated with the National Aquarium.  . .