Gear Reviews

I’m guilty and suffer from a wide spread disorder known as G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). This is a safe space for those who can relate.

As many of you that have photographed with me know, I do not hesitate to put my gear through hell. Here you will read about my accounts of pushing my gear to it’s limits and grading it based of real world experiences. I will not get into too my technicalities but rather how my gear suits my style of shooting and if it was worth it’s value in cost.

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The most common question I get asked is what camera I use. Here is where you will get your answer along with my thoughts and opinions about them.

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“It’s all about the glass” . While prices of most camera bodies depreciate the moment you click off a shutter, the general rule is that lenses hold their value much more respectfully.

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Tripods, mounts, backpacks, camping gear, and more. Learn about the equipment I use for day to day travel and use whether it be in the big city or wild outdoors.

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