2019 Wildlife Photography Workshop

Full day - $400

Discover the wild side of photography through the stories and images of wildlife across the world taken by me. Here I will address what makes a compelling wildlife photo. Is it the subjects? The composition? The background? In this 6-hour workshop we will take a look at major wildlife photographers and the photographic choices they make, how one goes about making them, and how they ultimately create the impact and drama for their audience to see. We will also explore how to achieve our personal wildlife photography potential from the gear we use and our photographic style, to the creative post-editing choices we make to breathe life into our work.


There is so much to discover about ourselves through wildlife. Once I learned the power of photography, I realized that my intent was not just to translate my overwhelmed senses, but to create stories of wildlife that have impact. Knowing this gives me purpose.


Les Picker Studio


Day Itinerary

8:30 - Meet at ______

10:00 - Depart for MD Zoo

10:45 - Arrival at MD Zoo

3:15 - Wrap up of lesson

3:15 - 4:00 - Free time until zoo closing at 4:00pm.


  • Gear and equipment - camera, lenses, batteries, memory cards, tripods, etc.

  • Raw or JPEG?

  • Subjects and settings to capture them - ISO, shutter speed, & aperture

  • Understanding what makes a captivating scene

  • Compositions and how to create powerful moments

  • Backgrounds and how to use them to enhance your stories

  • Post production - cropping, lighting, colors, etc.

  • Masters in the field

  • Behind the scenes - in the field

What you will need to bring:

  • Your wildlife camera and lens

  • Basic knowledge of editing and post production

  • Lunch

Regardless of your skill, this workshop is sure to get your gears working. While being a wildlife photographer sometimes requires a trigger happy index finger, this workshop will slow you down to help you analyze why we prefer certain wildlife photos over others and identify what steps are necessary to create those WOW! images.

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